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Lecture 8

SOC2109 Lecture 8: SOC2109 Lecture 8

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Sam Alvaro

Lecture 8: Stage 1: Achieving Independence -A transition from lives centered psychologically and economically on parents to lives in with we stand on our own -This stage challenges us to disengage from parents and take responsibility for ourselves -Major transitions associated with this stage: -Leaving the family home -Finishing school -Entering the workforce -Developing a committed relationship -Getting married -Becoming financially independent Stage 2: Balancing Family and Work Commitments -The central challenge of this stage is to establish oneself as a stable worker, partner/spouse an parent -During this stage -Men tend to become increasingly caught up their careers -Many women become increasingly committed to their families Stage 3: Performing Adult Roles -In this stage, people try to meet high standards for performance in the adult roles to which they are committed -Common sources of stress at this stage: -The awareness that one is aging -Physical illness -The death of parent or close friends -Central Challenge is to cope with a series of losses: -Loss of occupational role through retirement -Loss of significant relationships through death -Eventually loss of health, energy and independence Impact of Social Events on the Person Life Stage when Event is Experiences Focus of Impact of Event Childhood Values and attitudes Adolescence, young adults Identities, opportunities adulthood Behavior, opportunities Later Adulthood New life choices, revised identity The Social-Psychological Study of Attitudes -A person's attitudes influence the way in which he or she perceives and responds to the world -Sociologists examine social forces and how our position in society affects attitudes formation - in turn, how this relates to behavior -Attitudes are positive or negative evaluations of something in our environment -Early definitions were from the theater: and attitudes as a phys
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