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Lecture 12

SOC2109 Lecture 12: SOC2109 Lecture 12

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Sam Alvaro

Sexual Deviance (BDSM) Aspects of Sexual Identity • Sexual identity (preferences, beliefs or values) o Body image (confidence) o Sexual values and ethics (Waiting till marriage, STI’s or safe sex) o Erotic Preferences (One night stands) Gender differences in sexual socialization • Men have more interest in sex o Males are encouraged, to initiate sex, experiment and enjoy sex without emotional connection o Aggression is more often linked to male sexuality • For females the connection between sex and intimacy is paramount o Females are taught to view sex within the context of loving relationships o They also have negative associations with sex: guilt, shame or fear of pregnancy o Female sexuality is more shaped by culture and situational factors S & M Concepts • Sadist: A person who obtains sexual satisfaction from inflicting pain on another person • Masochist: A person who obtains sexual satisfaction from experiencing pain • Sadomasochism: The interaction between a sadist and masochistic Sadomasochism: • Sexual arousal associated with the infliction and receipt of pain or humiliation, can be stimulated • Occasional and mild S&M is common among the general population and an S&M subculture exists in Canada • Males begin to enjoy sadomasochism in childhood (Spanking) • Women tend to be introduced to it by someone else and many are also dominant • Masters and Johnson discovered that sadomasochistic fantasies are fairly common but most people do not want to experience them in real life Some BDSM Kinks: • Age play • Biting • Breast/Nipple Torture • Breath Play • Caging/confinement • Candle wax • Chains • Cosplay • Doctor/Nurse play • Electrotorture • Exhibitionism (sexting, snapchat or Instagram) • Foot/Feet fetish • Hair Pulling • Handcuffs • High Heels • Humiliation • Latex • Leather • Lingerie • Making home movies • Masks •Nun/Priest play •Pantyhose/Stocking •Pinching •Role play •Rubber •Sex in public •Spanking •Talking Dirty •Toys •Transvestism •Vibrators •Voyeurism •Whips Roles and Script of BDSM Who has the power? • Roles o Master/Dominant/Top o Submissive/ Bottom o Slave o Switch • Scripts o Role play o Props o Costumes • Consensual sex o Voluntary o What are the hard limits o What is the sexual content, is there any? • Safety Issues o Words o Colour schemes o Water Hyde and Delamater Survey (1987) • Subjects 130 men and 52 women: o 33% of men and 28% women preferred dominate roles
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