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Lecture 14

SOC2109 Lecture 14: SOC2109- Lecture 14

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Sam Alvaro

Behaviour Collective Behaviour -Poprocks and coke • Simultaneous behaviour that emerge in large groups of people that may be spontaneous and often outside the norms of society Collective and Conventional Behaviour may occur in the same setting Mass Crowd Formal Organization (in a fixed place) Conventional Routine national stock market Marching Factory Assembly line Behaviour Transactions Band Collective Wearing Ribbons Protests Wildcat strike/ social Behaviour movements Forms and Examples: of Collective Behavior • Riots: a localized group of people that explodes into violent action o Relatively short lived and spontaneous o Underlying problem that is triggered by specific event -Watts/ South Central LA- 1967 (2 white officers stopped an african american pregnant women and assaulted her, it was enough to start a riot) (Racial tensions set the stage for this to occur) -Christie Pitts; MTL Rocket Riots (downtown toronto where jewish people live, anti semitic riot)/(Rocket Richard was suspended from a game) • Panics: Large Localized group that reacts fearful in response to some perceived threat -Night Club Fire in R.I./ Brazil • Mass Hysteria: Wide spread (not localized) panic and fear often accompanied by irrational behaviour -Orsen Wells war of the worlds - 1938 -Red scare in 1950 • Mass Migrations: Movement of a large number of people from one geographic area to another over a relatively short period of time. Usually a function of larger social/physical forces • Mass Suicide: Relatively large number of people simultaneously take their own lives. Often a product of some religious movement lead by charismatic leader -David Koresh Waco Texas -Heavensgate • Rumors: Unsubstantiated information that spreads and is accepted by large number of people. Localized or dispersed o Urban Legend: an account of a surprising and implausible event that probably never really happened which sweeps through a population, and where the source is usually a “friend of a friend” or via some other method (Social Control) • Fashion/Fad: Behaviour and/or object that becomes popular for a short time. Often there is no rational explanation for popularity o Pet Rock o Streaking o X-mas; Toys-Tickle-Me-Elmo; Atari o Hair Styles Fashion comes and goes → Leggings Social Movements as a form of collective behavior • A number of people organized and coordinated to achieve some task often interested in bringing about social change compared to other forms of collective behavior, movements have a high degree of organization and are of longer duration Stages in Movement development • Emergence : perception of problem, leadership is established • Coalescence: grows, better organized • Bureaucratization: more formal • Decline: goal is achieved, poor leadership, agents of social control Social Movement Examples • Militia movement in the US (right to bare arms) • MADD • Abortion • Peace movement • Anti-nuclear • Anti-globalization • Peta - animal rights - rather go naked than wear fur • Occupy wall street • Black lives matter • Recent protests in Canada o Vancouver 1997 o QC 2001 o Ottawa 2001 o Kananaskis/ottawa 2002 o Peace protests 2002-2003
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