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SOC2111 - Lecture 1 - What is Research?

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Pierre- Marc Gosselin

Module #1 Introduction to Research What is Research? - systematically, by the scientific study, a way of doing things. An endeavor, a process. You can’t just do whatever you like. - always use a database, don’t just google it. - Specific Subject - the main ingredient - “use of social media in the classroom” instead of “social media” - Literature Review - second ingredient - what do we know? & what we don’t know? - like waiting to enter a conversation to know the people in it before you say something; getting a gist of what they have already talked about and what they want to talk about. - You have to read it before using it. - Research Question - third ingredient - not just a question you ask, you have to make sure your question has not already been asked and answered. - don’t ask a question that leads or sounds like its leading to an opinion - research is about facts and data; something that can be measured. - Design and Strategy - fourth ingredient - you need to have a plan - Tools- fifth ingredient - interviews, observation, questionnaires, existing data - Analysis - sixth ingredient - Conclusion - seventh ingredient - when you’re rea
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