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Pierre Marc Gosselin

Tuesday, December 3, 13 Tools: Questionnaires When it comes to tools, there is not a lot of evolution because there aren’t many ways to gather data 4 ways to gather data: – Questionnaires (the main “tool” in science b/c there are advantages such as cost, not time consuming, data is easy to analyze, etc.) – Interviews – Observation – Archives (many types of existing data) A good questionnaire is a tool for: - Exploration - Description - Evaluation A good questionnaire: - Give valid measures (quantitative vs. qualitative) in order to answer the research question (fit) I. Need to build the shortest possible questionnaire so that participation rate does not go down - Allows the cooperation of the participants - Allows to get reliable and valid information Questionnaire forms a logical structure It is necessary to consider: The purpose of every question so people don’t feel “paparazzi syndrome” (private life of someone), the formulation of questions, the measure instruments for every question, and the order/progression of questions Berthier (2006) mentions that a good questionnaire must be:  Standardized (put all participants in the same question) Types of Questions Open and close ended questions A question is said to be “open” when the answer to be given is free. The investigation uses are own vocabulary to answer i.e. How old are you? The choice is given in this question and the answer is free. A close-ended question is fixed. When is it good to give an open or close-ended question? Depends on what you are looking for in the research. Open Vs. Closed Questions Advantages of open question: data is rich, and gives info about the level of information about the participant Disadvantages: vague answers, out of subject, non-a
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