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Lecture 20

SOC2151 Lecture 20: (20) Resisting Globalization and Deglobalization (pt.2)

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Aline A Coutinho

4/3/17 (20) Resisting Globalization and Deglobalization (pt.2) Cyber-Activism  Cyber-activism: Network-based social movement forms. o Not against globalization, but global in character. o Computer-supported social networks. o Reactive (they react towards certain problems), unpredictable, and dynamic movement.  Interaction across distances. o There are both virtual and physical activities. o Online and offline political activity.  New political activity: list-serv, chat rooms, web pages. o ‘Web politics’.  New patterns of social engagement. Political movements are mingled with simple things such as memes and ‘trolling’.  New publics for the circulation of alternative new and information.  Grassroots forms of media production, communication, and coordination. This is not connected to a specific organization; it is an anarchist type of group. Horizontal Networking Logic  Open source philosophy: digital collaboration. This notion is the heart of capitalism (private property).  Powered by dreams of post-capitalist form of political and social organization at local, regional, and global scales. o Generation of alternative information; other interpretations of social and scientific facts. There is still a respect for facts and data, but mainstream media frames news in a specific way. o Exchange of ideas and resources.  The logic of anarchism.  ‘Cultural logic of networking’: o Horizontal ties and connections. o Free and open circulation of information. o Decentralized coordination. o Self-direct networking. Political Morality  At the beginnings: o Playing pranks; acts of trolling. o Humorous and grotesque (4Chan; /b/ section); strong meme culture.  The Hal Turner case (2006): The movement became more political. o Freedom of speech. o Anti-government discourse. o Anonymity and no individual voices. o Collaborative (share information and know how). 1 4/3/17 o Shift from pranks to hacking.  Rhizomatic character: A metaphor used to d
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