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Sociology 2 - Chapter 6

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thChapter 6Deviance in SportsApril 10 2012Problems Faced When Studying Deviance in SportsThose involved in sports are governed by many different sets of regulations rules of sport governing bodies laws of the landconfusion about who has jurisdictionActions accepted in sports may be deviant in other spheres of societyathletes are allowed to behave in ways that are prohibited in other settings contact sportsoUse of anger as a source of motivation in sports oMale teammates embrace one anotherviolate masculinity normsoAthlete doping Violent motives are viewed as positive because their actions are directed toward achievement and successTypes and causes of deviance are so diverseFunctionalist TheoryDeviance occurs when actions demonstrate a rejection of cultural goals and means of achieving them Result of faulty socializationSolution is to reform socialization processes and eliminate structural conflictsProblem many people think that to control deviance you must enforce policies that increase conformitymake rules more strict subverts change and creativityConflict TheorySocial norms reflects interests of those in power actions violating these norms are deviantUse power position to determine what is right and wrong in societythose who lack economic power are more likely to be identified as deviantAmong athletes deviance is seen as result of rules that discriminate against them and force to follow expectations of those in power victims of profit driven systemChange requires rejecting and remaking rulesInteractionist and Critical TheoryDeviance in sports involves overconformity to norms
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