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Sociology 2 - Chapter 9

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thSociologyChapter 9April 19 2012Race and ethnicity influences access to sport participation decisions about playing sportsSport is also a cultural site where people formulate or change ideas about skin colour and ethnic heritageDefining Race Ethnicity and MinorityRace population of people who are believed to be naturally or biologically distinct from othersoBased on physicalbiological traitsEthnicity cultural heritage that is used to identify a category of peopleEthnic Population people regarded as socially distinct because they share a way of lifeMinority suffer disadvantages due to systematic discrimination lack of powerVisible Minority identifiably different often by skin colour from the majority group excluding AboriginalsThe idea that there are distinct identifiable races is a recent inventionoEuropeans developed it based on encounters with people who didnt look like them religious beliefs language histories social status national originsoBased on the assumption that the appearance and actions of Europeans was normaldeviations from the norm were strangewhitness became the standardOneDrop Rule person with any black ancestor was classified as Negro in the social and legal systemSocially constructed racial categories hide diversity and hide various heritages of mixed race people Tiger WoodsMain purpose of racial ideologies was to justify oppression and exploitation of one population by anotheroLed to and supported racism fostered the use of racial stereotypesWhen black athletes demonstrate success we attribute it to genetics or biological differences
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