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Sport in Lecture 1 Notes

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Sports of SociologyLecture 1Sports are related to the social and cultural contexts in which we liveSports provide stories and images used to explain and evaluate these contextsSports provide a window into culture and societySociology provides usefuloConceptsoTheoriesoResearch methodsThese tools enable us to examine social life in context and see connections between our lives and the larger social worldCultureThese ways of life are produced reproduced and changed as people interact and sometimes struggle overoWhat is important in their livesoHow to do thingsoHow to make sense of their experiencesSocietyA collection of peopleoLiving in a defined geographical territoryoUnited throughA political systemA shared sense of selfidentification that distinguishes them from other peoplethat is a sense of wenessSportDefinitionoPhysicaloCompetitiveoInstitutionalizedoMotivated by internal and external awardsPlay vs Dramatic SpectaclePlay involves expressive activity done for its own sake it is often spontaneous and guided by informal emergent normsDramatic spectacle involves performances designed to entertain an audience for the purpose of obtaining rewardsPros vs Cons on Definition of SportProsoAllows sport to be distinguished from other activitiesoProvides a common focus for people doing research and developing theoriesConsoPrivileges people with the resources to organize competitive games and the interest in doing sooOverlooks those without resources or inclinations to competeAn Alternative Approach to Defining SportsDetermine the activities the people identify as sports in a societyDetermine whos sports count the most when it comes to obtaining support and resourcesSports are Contested ActivitiesThis means that there are struggles overoThe meaning purpose and organization of sortsoWho will participate and the conditions under which sport participation occursoHow sports will be sponsored and what the reasons for sponsorship will beThe Sociology of SportA sub discipline of sociology that studies sports as part of social and cultural lifeFocuses primarily on organized competitive sportsHelps us to ask critical questions about sports in societySports and SocietySports as parts of society are social constructions that are given form and meaning by people as they interact with each other under the social political and economic conditions that exist in their societyThe goal of Sports in Society is to enable readers toThink critically about sportsoLearn to identify and understand social problems and issues associated with sportsLook beyond scores to see sports as social constructionsMake informed choices about sport participation and the place of sports in our livesSociology vs Psychology Sociologists study actions and relationships in terms of the social conditions and cultural contexts in which people live their livesPsychologists study behavior in terms of attributes and processes that exist inside individuals Sociology may create controversies
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