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Lecture 9

SOC3116 Lecture 9: Technology and War

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SOC 3116
Tonio Sadik

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Technology and War
-main driver of high technology is the military
-MIC (military industrial complex)
“Three T’s”
-technology, talent and tolerance
-communities seek to only have one of something there, by this we inhibit
-creativity like knowledge or wisdom, may not emerge naturally but it emerges
when the conditions are right
Tech Guru
-idolized because of creative brilliance, but also because the creativity
translates into wealth
-creativity is increasingly defined by the ability to harness a new technology
that is also profitable
-commodification of the content we express (chaos wisdom continuum)
-A particular and specific information have value whereas other kinds of
information do not
-the MIC refers to the single largest sector of global investment - the most
valuable sector in the global economy
-relates to the research and development, production, distribution of military
armaments, hardware by states, industry and middleman
-the MIC is the locus of military production and consumption and as such
becomes a focal point for creative expression (innovation in technology)
-creative expression has an economic component; need to be wealthy as a
result of creation to be recognized
Discussion Questions (Documentary) : Remote Control War
1. What relationship does the technology we use as consumers have with
those created in the MIC?!
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