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Lecture 5

SOC3116 Lecture 5: Week 5

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SOC 3116
Tonio Sadik

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Wednesday October 4th, 2017
Traditional Media and Contemporary Society
-the link and the role of media with a democratic society through the concept of
the ‘public sphere’
-to affirm the role of accurate, complete, and timely information in supporting
citizens in a vibrant democracy
-the issue of how we communicate
-Noam Chomski a renowned linguist and social activist; tells us that language is
the essence of our humanity, we have an innate capacity for language (we are
hardwired for language)
-we have the capacity to not only learn a language; but to learn any language
-all human languages arise from the same basic biochemical structure
How do we learn to communicate?
-language is a central part, but not the sole form of communication
-all humans have an oral language
-we learn through a process of socialization (the process of social learning, we
mimic what those around us do)
-how important the centrality of language is in our identity and who we are
-not only the ability to communicate, but language is also definitive of
the particular culture that defines us
What does all media have in common with respect to our communication?
-media doesn’t necessarily speed up our communication
-may speed up a message but not the communication and the way something is
-messages are sometimes distorted; deciding what is the most effective way to
communicate (telephone/online etc)
-media necessarily mediates our communication: meaning that media
necessarily gets in between our communication, the terminology of media has
the same root origin as mediate.
-the impact of this arises in the examination of media and our society
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