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Adolphine Y.Aggor- Boateng

SOC 3306 NotesClass 4 September 17 2013Assignmentlooking at gender gapsome countries are doing well and some are notwant to reduce gap between conventional categories of male and femalebiggest gap in Yemen smallest in IcelandwhyLast class we compared different countriesif you do assignment alone6 page maxBiology Human Evolution and Gender Stratification continuedCountryRegion and Relations between the sexesLatin Americawomen quickly organize around the communitymachismo and marianismo glorification of motherhoodimpact of catholic religionglobalization and womenwomens dependency and feminist activismintra gender conflict gender and classIsraelfemale political leader in the 1970s Indira Ghandi role modelbut still gender inequality in all spheres whether woman in power or notKibbutzim and community socializationto socialize males and females equally bring them together to promote cohesionthey want the group to be very unitedsupport for both genders to be able to do things as they shouldglobalization and gender inequalityglobalization has transformed gender relationslack of unity among womenelite educated women cause division among womenvery united because of unique historyFeministstry to mobilize women to be politically active to change things but there is lack of unity amongst women all over the world Women in less developednondemocratic countries are sometimes more powerful than their husbands unofficially but not in Israel The Muslim Worldrich and poor countriesrich Libya Saudi Arabia UAEpoor Iraq AfghanistanIslamreligionsocial movementreligious fundamentalismcounterantimodernizationcounter or antimodernization sentiment in some placesdont bring your things to usreject modernizationwomen will veilpoliticalbecause we see it as oppression developed people try to impose their policies on theminconsistent policiesimpact of globalizationwomens participation in the public spherefemale genital mutilationCultural not religiousit is women who do it not menveiling and not veiling complex issues affecting the gender relationsScandinavian countries Norway Sweden Iceland Finland and DenmarkIceland is not multicultural very homogeneous but least gender gapNorwaysocial democracyyoung female political leader who promoted gender equalityequal access to resources and benefitsgender roles still existSwedensocial democracybest childcare system from the statepromotes equality through formal and informal meanslaws and socializationbest support for womenbacklashmigrants poverty and imported gender ideology limits effortsThe cultural nexus of Aka fatherinfant bonding Hewlett 2013Malesless childcareprotectionbreadwinnerswork in the public sphere with all of this they become controlling and have more privileges in societyFemaleschildcaredomestic workwork in the private spheredependents emphasis on mothers role in early childhoodfathers become less significant from age 3 but this is incorrect this is based on western ideologythere is not difference between the age at which children become attached to their parentsFathersvigorous playstimulating interactionMotherssensitive regular and responsivefrequent and intensea closely knit patrilineal descent groupunsettled societyhigh fertility and mortality ratesintimate interaction and relationshipsSome featuresyoung populationcooperative economic activity vs capitalism about exploitation and accumulationsharing of resourcesstrong religious and economic ties with the forestcaring relationships they enjoy egalitarian relationships not competitive or individualistic Mechanismsprestige avoidancerough jokingjoking relationshipsdemand sharingeg help looking after childrenClass 5 September 20 2013last class comparing gender relations across countries fathers and mothers differing bonds with children women seen as responsible for child care bonding but we realized there is no different between time children spend with fathers tooexpose child to father and the child is more likely to bond with the father vs the mother Aka society Hewlett 2013Akacultural society belong to huntergatherer society have characteristics that other societies dont make comparison with industrialized society such as the USFathers in Aka society have a very close relationship with their children play a significant role both genders have similar roles for different reasonsMechanismsprestige avoidancedont boast about achievements eg killing an animal want to be part of a group
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