SOC 3306 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Class Stratification, Centrality, Social Stratification

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Social Structures and Relations between the Sexes: Comparative Analysis
Lecture Notes
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History and relationship
Concept: historical
Evolutionary approach (we are looking at the evolution of society. We look at
the past to understand the present. Once society changes from one stage to
the next, the relationships change. Shift/rearrangement of society and
changing of structure to reflect the stage of development).
Means of livelihood and changes in the social structure (ex, relationships
become complex). (Social structures are the glue that keeps society together.
First, its an arrangement, it’s a pattern we are looking at for how society is
arranged/organized. Experiences are important. Your location determines
your experiences)
Concept: relationship
Regulated and patterned interactions and connections (we are constrained
-our actions are determined by forces outside us. Social structure influences
the way we interact, our relationships are regulated - Durkheim)
Historical materialism: relationship between history and material being.
Main Techno-Economic Bases:
(significant bases that impact present relationships. Tools we need to survive in
Hunting and gathering
Agrarian (feudalist, less socialist)
Industrial (capitalist and socialist)
(Blumberg, 1978)
Techno-economic Bases
Concept: means of production
Marxist explanation: tools land, factories, and money that are invested. Foundation
of economic base. The structure e have in society is determined by the means of
Concept: Mode of production
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