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Jos� Mar�a Ruano De La Haza

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ESP-1101 December 2 , 2013 Incas conquest: -1478 or earlier: Franscisco Pizarro born in Trujillo -1502: arrives at island of Hispaniola -1513: accompanies Vasco Núnez de Balboa in discovery of Pacific -1519-21: Hernán Cortés conquers the Aztec empire -1524-25: Voyage 1: Pacific coast of Colombia. Almagro loses eye. Expedition is a financial failure -Pizarro, Almagro and Luque form the Company of Levant -1526-27: voyage 2: first contact with Incas at Tumbez. Line in the sand: famous 13 The Incas: -100’000 in a population of some 10’000’000 -14000, began the conquest of the tribes across the Andes and the Pacific coast -common in the history of the region for a small ethnic group to rule -when Pizarro first saw Tumbez in 1528, it was a prosperous city -he hard Inca ruler, Huayna Capac, lay dying of a strange illness in Cuzco -after Huayna Capac’s death, war of successon between Huascar and Atahualpa, the king’s sons by different wives -Atahualpa’s generals captured Huascar and he was forced to watch as their soldiers slaughtered his wives and daughters -dynastic wars were the norm at the death of an Inca ruler, as a way to ensure that the fittest would rule -1528: Huayna Capac dies of smallpox. Civil war between Huascar and Atahualpa -1528-29: Pizarro goes to Spain and obtains license to conquer Perú -1531-34; voyage 3: Pizarro captures Atahualpa at Cajamarca and lays siege to Cuzco Pizarro and Atahualpa: -1532: Pizarro arrives at Tumbez with: -106 foot soldiers (4 will die later) -62 horsemen -some African slaves -12 notaries -a Dominican friar -several moriscos -some native slaves from Nicaragua -some merchants -two interpreters: Felipillo and Martinillo -cannons, harquebuses, dogs, etc. -Tumbez destroyed and supporters if Huascar publicaly executed -At Cajamarca, Hernando de Soto, with Felipillo interpreting, meets Atahualpa in some sort of bath house -he tells him they had come: “to lay the foundation of concord, brotherhood, and perpetual peace that should exist between us, so that you may receive us under your protec
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