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Jos� Mar�a Ruano De La Haza

th ESP-1101 November 13 , 2013 Gothic (11 -15 c): -St Dennis abbey. Abbot Suger (1122-52) “I see myself dwelling in some strange region of the universe that exists entirely neither in the slime of the earth nor in the purity of heaven.” “By the grace of god, I can be transported from this inferior to that higher world in an anagogical manner.” -anagogical: spiritual or mystic interpretation -bourgeois art -Cathedrals, a source of pride and prestige for medieval towns -discovery of the ogive or pointed arch -main characteristics: -pointed arch -flying buttress -rib-vault -Balance (or tension) between two powerful drives: upwards and eastwards. “In the articulation of its parts, the arrangements of the material church resembles that of the human body (Bishop of Chartres) -also, a microcosm of the universe in stone -Classic Gothic principles of staggered elevation from aisle to nave “The pointed arch struck that note of fantasy which was what the min of the age required” John Summerson, The Classical language of… -Cathedral of Léon: flying buttresses, like a gigantic exoskeleton “contrast between an interior all spirit and an exterior all intellect” (Pevsner) “The spire is the supreme expression of the heavenward urge” (Pevsner) -Cathedral of Sevilla: a gothic cathedral is “a most sublime wide-arching Tree of God” (Goethe) “The cathedrals did not arise according to set of organic proportional relationships. Instead, they arose according to abstract principles of geometry. Each individual elements of the building and the building as a whole, was built not according to pre=established n
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