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Jos� Mar�a Ruano De La Haza

th ESP-1101 November the 18 , 2013 Colombus and the knowledge he possessed: -T-O map only 3 continents for the 3 sons of Noah who repopulated them -another T- map showing a fourth part of the world lying west of Europe and Africa across the ocean (tenth-century). The continent is identified as India and as the site of the Earthly Paradise -learning to use the cross-staff -triangulation: establishes ship’s latitude (distance from equator) by measuring the height of the sun or the Pole Star -Wind Rose 14922): shows direction of winds when used with a compass (invested in 12 c.) th -12-71-1295: Marco Polo, his father and his uncle traveled the Silk Road to Asia (Cathay) -1298: Marco participates in a naval battle against Genoa -in prison, dictates to Rustichello da Pisa –a fellow prisoner, a public notary and romance writer (of Arthurian legends)- detailed account of his travels in China -He was 43 years old -His book, Il Milione (because there was a million of everything, houses peoples, towns, etc.) written in Old French (language of romances), is entitled “The description of the world” -Effects of Marco Pol’s book: -increases European interest in riches, industries, gold and spices of the East -implied that Asia was much larger than previously supposed and therefore closer to Europe if one travelled west -proves existence of the Antipodes and St Isadore’s belief that “there exists a fourth part [of the World], which is unknown to us”. Visiting Sumatra he notices that “it lies so far to the south that the Pole star is not visible there” -Catalan atlas (1375). Designed by Majorcan Jews -on Cipango: “The entire roof is covered with a plating of gold, in the same manner as we cover our houses, or more properly churches, with lead. The ceilings of the halls are of the same precious metals; many of the apartments have small tables of pure gold, f considerable thickness; and the windows also have golden ornaments” -Columbus’ handwritten notes
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