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Lecture 4

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Women's Studies
Corrie Scott

Women Studies Lecture 4 Jan 28, 2013 Tough Guise 1.Tough Guise suggests that masculinity is made, not given. Explain this argument using specific examples drawn from the film. 2. According to Jason Katz, violence is an overwhelmingly gendered phenomenon. What example does Katz use to make his case? What are the social consequences of this phenomenon? 3. How foes the media ignore the gendered dimension of violence? Find examples drawn from the film  In the school shootings not showing what gender did the shooting  If a woman was raped but not saying what gender did it  ‘ a women was raped’ ‘rather than a man raped a women’ 4. What does the film say about media representations of men of color?  So little diversity of images for men of color  The representations are so problematic  Men of color have gotten so much taken away from them so they have to have this tough act  Racism is making these things worst  When violence in white area it is in the news but when violence in black neighborhoods it is ignored 5. Have there been changes in the way we think about masculinity since this film was made?  ‘Full Monty’  The fact of men being male strippers in the past was seen as okay but not it is look down upon  Male start to show more emotion Reading of Jan 21, 2013 1. In ‘picture perfect’, in what ways did Douglas Rushkoff construct, often with much effort, his gender and his sexuality in response to social expectations?  He had to force himself to think of women in a sexual way  He would make the effort to show the guys that he was with the girls  He forced himself to masturbate looking at the porn  He defined his masculinity with opposition with all things feminine  2. For Micheal Messner, what is wrong with the question ‘how do people become gay’?  Assumes that heterosexuality is the norm  People are trying to figure out why are people gay but never why people are straight  R pg. 49  Dominant position is invisible  3. According to Messner, heterosexuality is an institution and an enforced group practice that constrains and limits all of us. Explain how he arrives at this observation in the readin
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