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Lecture 6

FEM1100 Lecture 6: Lecture Notes from after midterm

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Women's Studies
Corrie Scott

Lecture Notes 392017 12:55:00 AM Transgender, representation and reality = Cisgender: you do identify with gender assigned at birth trans Cisnormativity = is the pervasive assumption that those assigned male birth grow up to be men and those assigned female at birth will ultimately become women Ex. gender reveal parties: people decide to tell all of their friends the sex of their unborn baby because it is so strongly assumed that it is accurate and that is how the child will choose to grow up and identify. Stonewall = known as the launch of the gay liberation movement, stonewall was in fact lead by trans and gender variant individuals in 70s Actually were working for trans rights but is invisibilized Mandatory for people to wear 3 items of clothing of your gender, police came, community joined to support the movement Riot lasted 4 nights A Latina leading the movement, and African American Created STAR Worked to include trans rights in gay rights bill Debates on bathroom only now, trans are still not protected Dont get credit Trans activism started before stonewall in 1959 Cisgenderism is the system of oppression that denies, belittles or pathologizes gender ID that do not meet the cultural expectations associated with their assigned gender Ex: Google, transgender is: wrong, illness, mental health issue, bullshit People frequently deny trans ID (ex when people are so used to saying he or she) Institutional oppressions= sex designations and legal names Sexdivisive policies (washrooms, locker rooms, carceral instituions etc) Cisprivilege is so hegemonic (cis privilege is unearned advantages just from being born having a cisgender identity.
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