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Lecture 7


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Women's Studies
Patricia Kmiec

WEEK 7 Shawn Burns Women and Globalization Central issue: economic globalization on the livelihood of women in developing countries four consequences of globalization o the presence of women in transnational factories o the migration of women for the purposes of labour the involvement of women in global sex trafficking men from northern nations purchase women from underdeveloped nations for sex women become sex workers due to lack of income or coercion 80 of sex trafficking victims are women and young girls voluntary participation OR parents sell their daughters for funds o the intersectional aspect of economic globalization demand for domestic care workers continues to increase in more developed nations because middle and upperclass women in northern nations leave traditional household roles for the professional workforce globalization has made major improvements in the quality of life for some women around the world BUT the problems created through its existence must be identified simultaneously. Companies take advantage of the cheap labour they can get from developing countries (sweatshops) o Argue that some wages are better than no wages Burns says: women can only benefit from these jobs if: o the safety of the working environment is considered o the money earned is sufficient for the woman to pull herself out of poverty o the existence of familial responsibilities are considered the woman has authority over how she spends her money Basic standards arent met and so these women are comparable to those with no income Women are the preferred source of labour because of: o the low wages o lack of job security o they are unaware of the rights they hold as workers NORTH FACE women make 94 cents for every 165 jacket they sew MIGRATION (CONNECT WITH CRENSHAW) o Women migrate to secure work o Poor conditions o Domestic work and care work are largest domains for women Unlike sweatshops poor treatment is concealed because they work in private so there is no government interference. GLOBALIZATION: o positive and negative impacts on womens success
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