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Lecture 4

FEM2110 Lecture 4: FEM2110 Lecture 4 Notes

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Women's Studies
Kathryn Trevenen

Lecture 4: Wednesday, May 10 Feminist Cultural Critique: Intersectional Critique and the Feminist Killjoy Readings: 1. SaraAhmed, “Feminist Killjoys” 2. Katie Milestone &Anneke Meyer, “Representing Women” 3. Roxanne Gay, “How to Be Friends withAnotherWoman”, “Girls, Girls, Girls” Objectives: • pop culture: Miley Cyrus and cultural appropriation • SaraAhmed: Feminist Killjoy • intersectional analysis • representing femininity Pop Culture This Week: • Miley Cyrus • link: fight-for-their-culture-ada67f9749b5 • in the interview talks about how she has evolved • she is moving away from hip hop culture, credits Kendrick Lamar track for not being about “sex and drugs” • blaming hip hop culture as misogynistic and something to be praised for moving away from • the problem is not Miley having different artistic moments, but white artist’s ability to move in and out of cultures with no cost • Beyonce at the CMA’s • link: backlash.html?_r=0 • harshly critiqued, “she’s not real country music” • compared to Miley, Beyonce is harshly critiqued while Miley remains unscathed 1. SaraAhmed: The Promise of Happiness and the Feminist Killjoy • happiness scripts are prescriptive and normalizing • ideas of what makes us happy aren’t real truths, but prescriptive • we are being oriented towards particular norms in talking about happiness • love, wealth, professional success, children, marriage, beauty, youth, biological family, substances (ie. wine, etc.) • these are things that should make you happy • further reflects on the way happiness is prescriptively gendered • the child thus has a happiness duty • “conditional happiness”, “if i’m happy you’re happy”, whose happiness comes first? (page 58) • coming out as queer: “i don’t want you to be queer because I want you to be happy” • conditional happiness: often about rein scribing a script or norm • Feminist Killjoy: almost impossible to identify as a feminist without being assumed as grumpy or upset • • what does it mean to not find the typical prescriptions as paths to happiness? • by feeling this, it brings the entire norm into question • industries depend on people buying into
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