ANT101H5 Lecture Notes - Microevolution, Linguistic Anthropology, Youth Culture

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29 Jan 2013
Lecture 1
Chapter 1 Lecture
Anthropology the study of humans (all times, all places, all aspects of
Anthropologists are interested in biology and culture
Paleontologists are not anthropologists because they focus on dinosaurs
o Has many of the same techniques as anthropologists
Holistic Discipline
Anthropology is a holistic discipline
Incorporating all aspects or perspectives on an issues instead of only one
Anthropology is both comparative and particularistic
Comparative -
o Focus on comparing different groups of people
o Past and present
o Beliefs
o Similarities and differences
o Very interested in a particular group of people
o How their society, culture changes or not changes over time
o Interested in understanding particular systems and societies
o Ie. Youth culture in North America or South Asia
o Interested in why people in one culture/society will judge the beliefs,
behaviors, practices of other societies as good or bad, right or right
o Ethnocentrism is another name for this
o Values of why this came about
Both advantage and disadvantage
o Acquire a very diverse background
4 Traditional Sections/Divisions
Social-cultural anthropology
Linguistic anthropology
Biological (physical) anthropology
(Others… forensics, medical, etc.)
Biocultural Approach in Anthropology
That both biology and culture are both important in understanding humans
both present and past, and understanding human evolution
All aspects of human beliefs, behaviors, and material culture
Material cultures are basically objects
Ie. Technology, language, social roles, family structures
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