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ANT101H5 Lecture Notes - Neanderthal, Grave Goods, Speciation

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Heather Miller

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Neandertals: Homo neanderthalensis
there is full use of FIRE
they have every physical characteristic that humans have for
we don’t know how complex their language is – pp. 272 – 273
Neadnertals came up with the very first burials including :
- deliberate, mortuary rituals
- grave goods
- cannibalism - its unknown if this was for the disposal of the
dead, or for meat or for other purposes (? Ritual?) – Pg. 266
Homo Sapiens
AMH – anatomically modern humans
Morphological characteristics about Homo Sapien:
* they have a distinct chin, round skull, vertical face, pyramidal
mastoid process; less brow ridge
Speciation – a new species evolves from an older species
Biological species – a depiction of species as groups of individuals
capable of fertile interbreeding but reproductively isolated from other
such groups
Paleospecies – species that are defined from fossil evidence, often
covering a LONG time span. Based on geographic separation.
Question: So what exactly happened to the Homo Line of species?
Answer: Neandertals and Homo Sapiesn interbred with each others
Refer back to this powerpoint lecture – everything is fairly basic