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Jennifer Jackson

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Age, ageing and generation
Terms and concepts
Canadian adults
Venda at South Africa (John Blacking)
Baruya of Highland New Guinea (M. Godelier)
Ageing appears naturally
Cumulative result or inability of cells to reproduce themselves
Metabolic rate declines
Continuous process
From the minute we're born (even before), we're ageing
Society and culture impose sharp discontinuities on the process of ageing
What boundaries are drawn, where they are drawn and how we move between them
(from childhood to adulthood)
Naturally continuous process made discontinuous through culture and society
Adulthood - slippery concept in Canada
Does not follow from physiological makeups
Canada decides it for us
Age of criminal responsibility, medical consent, right to vote, donate blood, drink
Not biologically in genes, it's societal and cultural choices that are made
They don't have any overlay on each other
Venda - share idea of dual universe
Parallel universe is world of the spirits - where ancestral spirits live, where God is,
Venda believe that this is the real world
Spirits and humans cycle back and forth from the two worlds between birth and death
Venda are trying to figure out what this cycle is
Babies are spiritual beings - born from parallel universe to living world
Thought to be reincarnations and embodies a soul
They provide a glimpse into the parallel universe (window) because they have just
come from it
As babies grow, increasingly socialized and become distanced from the parallel world
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