ANT102H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Divine Language, Hooj Choons, Vocative Case

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Published on 16 Nov 2018
November 12,2018
Grammar and logic has been discussed since time of Plato and Aristotle
Greek and Latin has shaped our ideas about nature of language
Latin was popular in Western Europe until renaissance and beyond
Men no little or nothing about language of Africa , Asian and unexplored region of world
Latin was intensive study subject both practical and in terms of literature
International scholars were more interested in Greek in subjects of Philosophy and religion
In 16th century English came into existence and was deemed as worthy of study
Even in present day some of the words form the ancient languages are still in use
Example : genitive , ablative , vocative
By end of 17th century explorers , traders , missionaries had visited 6 of 7 continents
There was a wave of intellectual curiosity during 17-18th century
Growing interest in civilization and cultures of world
19th century , scholarship was devoted to classical languages of Asia
Hebrew -language of Old Testament
It was believed to be the first language of humankind
At time of Tower of Babel , there were transformed versions of original divine language
Chinese language is evident form journals of Marco Polo
This language was different from languages of west
Chinese language seemed more logical and a writer even described it as lost language of
Chinese script employs signs that stand for ideas of meaning
In polyglot Egypt ,Latin was no longer and international language
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