ANT102H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Bertrand Russell, Linguistics

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Published on 26 Nov 2018
November 19,2018
Philosopher Bertrand Russell explained how language derived it’s meaning
He aimed at describing it on a logical manner
He used grammar and logical operators linking nouns and verbs
J.L Austin looked at actual acts of people performed in ordinary life by means of
He is considered to be founder of speech act theory
It was assumed by philosophers for very long that “statement” can only be to describe
some state of affairs , or to state some fact
Grammarians have suggested that not all sentences are used to making statements
A statement need to be verifiable
Many statements are what may be called pseudo statements
Many statements were shown to be as KANT perhaps argued systematically strictly
nonsense despite an exceptional grammatical form
Many utterances which look like statements are either not intended at all or only
intended in part to record or impart straightforward information about the facts
Example ethical propositions are intended solely or partly Emotion or to prescribe
conduct or influence it In special ways
Preliminary isolation of the performative:
Advances can be found satisfying these conditions as follows:
They do not describe or report anything at all or not true or false
The uttering of the sentence is or is the part of the doing of an action
which again would not normally be described as just saying something
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