ANT102H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Language Acquisition, Universal Grammar, Language Ideology

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Published on 10 Dec 2018
There are multiple ways of becoming fluent in ones language and become socialized in
ones culture
Examples of bage and Katie one can see caregivers socializing their children into
becoming very different kinds of social beings through culture specific use of language
Case of Katie :
Her mother was promoting a certain sense of self by interacting with her as if
she was already a communicative partner
One on one interactions are a part of wider set of cultural practices and language
ideologies in US for child rearing
This means accommodating the situation according to child rather than child
being accommodated to the situation
Language acquisition and socialization process :
Learning language is not something a child does
It is what a child learns based on the environment they are raised in
Chomsky believe that environment has very role in language acquisition process
He also believes that language arises out of separate domain specific faculty of
They argue that without language instinct children would not be able to acquire
language quickly due to poverty of stimulus
Universal grammar provides a template for range of possible human languages
A child just need to view these or hear fee examples of any particular
grammatical feature in order to be able to set the appropriate parameter or
switch correctly to universal grammar
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