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Lecture 21

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Dylan Clark

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November 24, 2014
“Power”-is put into quotes to denaturalize it.
We want to see power as weird, rather than concrete
In many societies men are seen as more powerful than woman. However, in other
societies it is the opposite
People parasitically attach themselves to signs of power.
oEx. Gold, car, diamonds, Rolex
Signs and symbols help make that person legible to signs of power
For persons and states alike power is performative
Power determines the distribution of wealth, and labour in a society
Politics is secure both in force and in consent
oForce-violence or threat
Power tends to be hegemonic (hegemony)
The way hegemony works is by sharing rewards unevenly-ex. Rewarding men
differently than woman-, hailing- people are asked to “recognize” themselves (Ex.
Canadian, working-class, etc).
Reciprocity and power
(Unka’s big mocka) To be successful as a politician, you must give away the
most. Even though it is the accomplishment of the whole society.
The gift of public services distributes public services and goods such as,
These gifts have the name of the state on the service.
The leader or the state is the biggest gift giver that can only be repaid by taxes,
loyalty, etc.
The identity, belief, and culture are political. In this sense…
oGender is political
Kinship is also a political moment where we “recognize” ourselves.
Thus, the most mundane rituals of the self can actually be political rituals
For conclusion, power is everywhere
oPower is not the political ruling
oPower is not possessed
oPower is produced in all levels of society
oPower is produced in everyday life
Movie-Cannibal tours
oConsuming the “savages”
oCulture as commodity
oPolitics of representation, of “knowing” of classifying (Ex. Savages,
Question: how is culture commodified?
oTourism, TV, sports food
oAnd race, gender religion
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