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26 Apr 2012
TOPIC 2: Archaeological Data & Research Design
- Archaeological Data
oMaterial evidence of past human behaviour, the empirical data
oArchaeological record
oAnthropological anthropology
Scientific study of material evidence, of human activity, for purposes of
anthropological explanation
oThree elements
Observed/experience material evidence
Unobserved human activity (if we see it, we wouldn’t need
Explanation of human activity
- Units of archaeology
oEmpirical: material evidence
oAnalytical: variables and values
oInferential: anthropological units
- Material evidence
Artifacts, features, ecofacts, with some blurring in between
Sites, regions
oSome people have different definitions/explanations
- Artifact
oAny portable object whose form has been modified in any way by human
oTools, arrowheads, pencils, pottery
oForster site located in Caledonia: ceramic vessel (pot)
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