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26 Apr 2012
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- Research Design
o Systematic research planning: how we design projects and put them into places and the
funding needed
o Sampling: subsection of systematic research
- Systematic research planning
o Formulation: topic 2
o Implementation: topic 2
o Data recovery: topic 3
o Data processing (sorting the material remains, very important but tedious): topic 4
o Analysis (empirical, analytical, ___ units): topic 5
o Interpretation (what actual people were doing before deduced from studying the data):
topics 6-11
o Dissemination (communicating the results of the interpretations and came to
conclusion; communicating with other people in their fields and to the public): tutorials
- Research program “origins of horticultural societies in the north east” (North east in
Canada/USA, around lower great lakes region)
o Archaeology : transitional societies multidisciplinary
Chronology: relative and chronometric
Material culture: artifacts
Settlement: systems and patterns
o Archaeobotany: secondary vs indigenous origins
o Geoarchaeology: physical context
- Sampling
o Predicting the whole, based on a part
- Data universe
o All possible data
- Sample units
o Arbitrary and nonarbitrary
- Purposive sampling
o Selection of observations is guided by research purposes
- Probability sampling
o Based on principles of probability
- Probability sampling strategies
o Simple random
Used when we encounter a site
o Stratified random
o Systematic random
- Lone pine site
o systematic