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26 Apr 2012
Topic 6 Archaeological Paradigms (Contemporary approaches): Chapter 3
- Domains of Archaeology
o Empirical: material evidence
Sites, artifacts, attributes
o Analytical: variables and values
Variables and values
o Inferential: anthropological units
How we take static and material record and come up with results
- Anthropological units
o Family
o Household
o Community
o Society (sometimes nation states)
Language families in older times
o Band: population is small
o Tribe: larger than band
o Chiefdom: made up of several tribes where there’s a centre leader
o State
o Hunter gatherers
o Horticulturalists: growing crops
o Factory workers: class
- History of scientific archaeology
o Ashmore and Sharer Chapter 2
o Origins
Antiquity AD1500
Origin of science
Renaissance 1500s & 1600s
The enlightenment 1700s & 1800s
The beginning of scientific approach of modern science
o Scientific Archaeology
Methods 1816 1900
Culture history 1900 1960
Intro of radio carbon dating
Explanation 1960
Started making more scientific statements of the past
1960 to now is what we call contemporary archaeology
- Explanation 1960 present: Paradigmatic archaeology
- Paradigm
o Theoretical framework
o “school of thought
o Example: biology
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