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26 Apr 2012

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Garbology (Rathje and Murphy 2010)
- In 1979, the artist and writer David Maculay published Motel of the Mysteries
o Set of cartoon
o Motel of the mysteries is like the
- Motel of the mysteries
o ‘Howard Carson’
o Heinrich Schliemann: Troy
o Howard Carter: Tut’s tomb
o Spoof: In 4022 AD, Carson found “funerary complex” – ruins consisting of rooms and
chambers full of modern things
- Archaeological analogy
o Applies in all dimensions, not just Space
- Dimensions of inference
o Formal: what is, are, etc;
o Temporal: time, or chronology
o Spatial (to be covered in today’s lecture)
- Spatial inference
o Inference based on provenience and context
- Assumption
o Variation in space will be clinal, (vary evenly in space) unless other factors intervene
(with humans, other factors always intervene)
- Clinal variation in space (gradient from yellow to black background example)
- Random distribution of points (Clusters of artifacts)
- Late woodland 1 (AD 500- 1000)in Princess point
- Point pattern analysis (not concern of actual statistics, but the assumption of randomness)
o ‘the study of spatial patterns starts from the assumption of randomness
o Random: distance is everywhere and varies
o Regular: even distance from each other in a grid
o Cluster: distances amongst points are highly variable
- Point pattern analysis
o Distance analysis
o Quadrat analysis
- Distance analysis (also known as nearest neighbour analysis)
o Measure the distance from each point to its nearest neighbour
o Do statistical test where R = ‘randomness’ apply 1
o If it is even or regular, the R value will be greater than 1 (R>1)
o If it’s cluster, the value will be less than 1 (R<1)
- Crawford lake area: middle Iroquoian sites
o AD 1300 1425
o R<1 (clusters)
- Quadrat analysis
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