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26 Apr 2012
- Term Test 1 (Nov 24) 3:10-4PM in NB134
o All lectures and text
o Format: 15 MCs and 5/8 SA (15 pts for each section, 30 pts total)
- Topic 9: Material Inference (Ch. 9:211-227)
o Culture Historical
o Processual
- Contextual dimensions
o Formal
o Spatial
o Temporal
o All the above is considered culture history
- Cultural dimensions
o Material processual
o Social social agency
o Ideational post-processual
- Culture Historical
o i.e. what?, when? And where?
o ‘normative’ = generalist
o Mechanism of culture change
Internal mechanisms
External mechanisms
- Internal mechanisms
o Inevitable variation
All cultures inevitably change over time
“The inevitable variation model is so simplistic and general that it is of little use
in archaeological interpretation”! (Ashmore and Sharer 2009:211)
o Cultural invention
New ideas originate within a culture, by either accident or design
o Cultural selection
Those cultural traits that are advantageous to members of a society are
accepted or retained while those that are useless or actively harmful tend to be
Basis for most of the scientific debates
o Cultural drift
Cultural transmission is incomplete or imperfect; no individual ever learns all
the information possessed by any other member of the society
Increases through time
We become extremely specialized
o Cultural revival
Revival of elements that have fallen into disuse
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