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26 Apr 2012
Assignment 1
Class ID: ANT200Y5 Y 2011-12
Password: UTM_ANT200Y
Topic 10: Social Inference (Ch. 8: 191-202, Ch.9: 228-236)
- Social conditions of human life
o Social relations
All human societies have social relations
o Social scale
- Social relations
o Family and household
Provides us with a set of assumptions
All humans are born into families and live in household
Remove a human from a household and you’ll have a traumatized human
o Community
All humans live in community, small scale or large
o Society
Our society is complex
- Social scale
o Egalitarian
Unranked (band)
Segmented (tribe)
o Stratified
Simple (chiefdom)
Complex (state)
- Band
o 100s
o Independent
o Very few band left in the world
o Live in camps (not permanent or occupied year round)
o Shelters
o Example: camp (Ju’hoansi)
o Mobile (move to the resources, dependent on the wild plants and animals; they do it in
a structural manner, not just wandering around randomly; move to different place at
different seasons)
o Headquarter of the band is at the camp (seasonal camps)
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