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26 Apr 2012
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Social Inference
- Social relations
o Family and household
o Community
o Society
- Social scale
o Egalitarian
o Stratified
- Social stratification
o Division of society into groups with different status
- Band
o Unranked, unstratified, no one is born into position of power
- Tribe
o Segmented, unstratified,
- Chief
o Stratified kinship
- State
o Stratified classes
- Mortuary archaeology (mortuary means burial with ceremony)
o Assumption: differential mortuary practices reflect social stratification; means that
some people are treated differently at death which may indicate complexity at a social
o Egalitarian burial
E.g. Jiangzhai, Neolithic, China
Ca 5100-3000 BC
Within set of walls, domestic structures for everyday living and there’s
two cemetery on the side...all the burials are the same, no single burial
has more stuff in it, taking this as a reflection of a egalitarian village
Valley of the kings, Egypt
Outside the ancient city, the pharaohs had their burial in the new
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