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26 Apr 2012

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Example: Radiocarbon: mention chronometric technique; based on principles of radioactive decay;
organic material only; 75000 to 200 years ago
Topic 12: Ideational Inference (Ch.8: 202-209, Ch.9: 228-236)
- Cultural dimensions
o Material
o Social
o Ideational
- Ideational conditions
o Symbols
o Religion
o Art
o Communication
- Symbol
o Something that stands for or suggests something else
o Relationship between a symbol and what it stands for is arbitrary
o No material link
Example: language “dog” (the sound dog has no meaning with the four
dogged canine, other languages are available to describe the mammal but also
have no direct meaning. We understand what dog mean because we were
taught to know this; disadvantage: unless you know the code, you can’t
understand it, once you know it, you can understand anything. This concept is
also very flexible, we can always make up new words and meanings)
- Lower paleolithic
o Acheulean handaxe (made up of flint, chert, obsidian, form of art)
- Middle paleolithic
o Churinga (Tata, Hungary)
Associated with neanderthals
- Upper paleolithic
o Solutrean biface
Work of art, because if used as a knife or spear point, it will break
o Magdalenian antler horse
Works of art of a piece of antler into a horse head
o Lascaux horse
- Neolithic
o Catal hayuk
Art expressed in buildings
Shrine (symbol of their state)
o Plastered skull, Jericho
Limited to the middle east
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