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26 Apr 2012

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Term Test 1
Coverage: all lectures, all text, all topics
Format: 15 MCs (15pts) and 5/8 SA (3x5=15 pts)
MC example: Which of the following is NOT an example of an internal mechanism of culture change,
associated with the culture historical approach in archaeology? - Diffusion
Topic 6 is important
SA example: Radiocarbon must mention: chronometric technique PLUS any of the following points:
based on principles of radioactive decay, organic material, 75000-200 years
Topic 12: Archaeology Today (Textbook Ch.10)
- Coverage:
o Looting
o Cultural resource management
o Archaeology and community
o Contemporary paradigms
o Synthetic approaches
- Archaeology and looting
o Vandalism
o Looting for profit
In some areas of the world, such as Peru and Egypt, whose entire community is
based on looting archaeological sites; huge black market for authentic artifacts
High tech looting
Low tech looting
Slack Farm, Kentucky
Iraq: Baghdad Museum was looted and destroyed, but most of the artifacts has
been recovered
- Archaeology and modern “development
o Agricultural
o Urban
- Archaeology as business
o Cultural resource management (CRM)
Most of the excavations is done by a business perspective under the CRM
Private consulting firms
- Cultural resource management
o In Ontario there are four stages when a property is being assessed
Stage 1: Background look at maps and see if there are any sites on the site or
close by
Stage 2: survey
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