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Lecture 17

ANT200H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Mogao Caves

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Liye Xie

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ANT 200
Past helps us build an identy and appreciate our history
Museums helps deliver the message of our identy (this is the mission of museums)
Value of the past is so important many countries use their cultural heritage on their currency (ex. China
and Poland)
Mission of ROM:
Inspire wonder and promote learning
Be a leader for the natural and cultural worlds
Serve as a forum to contribute to a be+er future
Feel the energy the government and what they want to portray through museums
The Pasts value for the Future:
Archaeology and sustainability
oSustainable subsistence strategies:
How to deal with environmental changes?
Changes of residenal structures
Dietary changes
Tradional pracces of land management
Sustainable polical strategies
Interest in past has also caused:
Trades of anques
Looters and illicit excavators
Many sites being “loved to death” (Mogao Caves in China, Stonehenge)
Virtual Tours
Make replicas
Who Owns The Past
Past is shared, however… we share the knowledge…But who owns the actual objects.
Should Western museums return anquies to their land of origin?
Should patrimony outweigh that of any parcular group to endure the preservaon of the past for future
Should archaeologist be free to excavate holy lands and burials of ancestors of modern descendants?
Repatriaons involves a complex web of legal, ethical and moral issues
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