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Lecture 5

ANT201H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Rachis, Hemudu Culture, Papaya

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David Smith

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ANT201 TUT5 Jan 31
Origins of Agriculture
- Middle east
- South/north china
- America
- Africa
- Papau new guinea
Resource production
- Holocene (12000bp-present)
o Rapid changes in sea levels, geography, vegetation
o About 10 million h/g and rising
o Using wide range of resources
Greater efficiency
Specialization (technology and behavior)
- Broad spectrum adaption
o Seen in many h/g that preceded agricultural societies
Big question
- Why start working harder
o Previously though people naturally want to advance
o Through agriculture people were able to put themselves above other species and
became more complex WRONG
o Neolithic evolution actively control food production leading to settled village
life + increase in populations humans were able to dominate nature WRONG
o Now we know h/g lived in egalitarian social bands with low populations + mobile
subsistence base
Also know that this lifestyle involved less labor time than other society
o Now we see h/g as more affluent society as they had better health due to less
crowding and had more nutrients/vitamins with restricted diet of agriculturalists
- Why this radical change around the same time?
o Sedentism
o Specialized technologies
o Social ranking
*check textbook
- Materialist (processualist) center around the way people respond to their material
surroundings (environment or other people)
- Environmental (external)
o Childe- oasis hypothesis
Climate change
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