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Lecture 5

ANT210H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Scientific Method, Arthur Keith

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Gary Crawford

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Lecture 5 Jan 21
Lecture 4 slides
Professional team presenting data that did not make sense
Too good to be true
Fujimura’s motivation
oMoney? – he didn’t get rich over this, but he did have a job
oGroup security and respect of colleagues
oNationalism (completion with china)
oMental illness?
Give the ppl what they want
oDesire to believe trumps skepticism
Don’t be too successful
oIt’ll build resentment and suspicion
Learn from your mistakes-not the first time they done this, take advantage
oCriticisms teach how to avoid getting caught
An imperfect hoax: why?-shocked, but the Japanese weren’t at all
Is the Japanese case unique?
Prof Serizawa- was the sensei at that time, everyone respected him, he is an
academic leader of this Paleolithic group, Fujimura bought dinner, making
himself look like a good guy, so Fujimura moved into that inner circle with Prof,
Kajiwara and the Sensei
You would not be critical within your own group, you will attack another group
It is very difficult for scientists to be objective
Text from Prof. Takamiya’s email
No one heard from F’s case, the Japanese said the video should be erased, no one
claims to have it, this case has been withdrawn
Why did this happen for 20 years? Japanese arc, is not used as a science, the
scientific method is not used, main question is what happened when?
The research team and F have been gone, no one knows where they are
Lecture 5 slides
The Piltdown (P) hoax did not impact ppl that much, b/c those who discovered
it were dead by that time
The suspects-who did it, but its not relevant, the main question is why? And
why did it last for so long.
oMain suspect- Charles Dawson- he was an active forger
How this hoax happened? How evolution took place was unclear during the 1900s
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