ANT241Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Varg Vikernes, Reductionism, Hatmaking

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27 Nov 2012
Lecture 15: The emergence of the Metis
- Trade between Natives and Newcomers
- trade involves bartering and goods no transfer of money. Money useless in trade for
- Trading posts physical structures set up by newcomers encourage natives to come trade
- What the newcomers traded to the natives: European goods
- Glass beads imp to native people because they had spiritual significance.
-even before Europeans arrived, port’s crystals were seen in same way.
-copper kettles
- gunflints
-fire steels precursor to matches. Strike it against rocks to make sparks.
-flintlock gun
- axes (iron trade axe)
-Brazil tobacco
-shipped in “carrots”(cigar shaped packages) and “twists” (islam ‘twists’ – leaves twisted into
long ropes, cut into smaller pieces)
-from Brazil to Portugal to England to North America
- What the natives traded in return: furs
- trade was global and extremely imp to the economies of many nations>
-source of Canadian economy for centuries
- from17th century until about mid 19th century
- Fur Trade
- Beaver fur used a lot
- Beaver lodge opening under water defensive strategy against predators
- Steel tracks imp way of acquiring beaver
- What are all the beaver furs for? (why were Europeans after beaver fur?)
- Hats
- European furrier operations factories called furriers.
- First, long guard airs were plucked out and discarded. Then, the soft undercoat was shaved off
the skin and placed on a hurl a table.
- hatter making felt by vibrating beaver fur on a hurl
- best hats made from beaver different styles
-Hat protocols how to put on your hat and how to take it off.
-18th century gentlemen with a muff (a scarf-like thing..)
- Rival Fur Trading Interests
- French (1603-1763) a main fur trading interest until 1763, put end to French regime and
brought British in
- Hudson’s Bay Company (1760 – present) English gave monopoly over trade in all lands that
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