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Lecture 11

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Jessica Taylor

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Pretty Modern
Therapeutic idiom
oReason for plastic surgery helping their mental health and self esteem
There are ties between the development of these two and they would be tied
together in Brazil with plastic surgery
oTake it as a false consciousness
3rd section
oideas of plastic surgery and women’s movement through their life course
oHow is it used to manage women identity
oFocus on women’s identity as maternal identity
oWomen who have children and then plastic surgery is something they do
after they have children
Part 2
oPlastic surgery and race in Brazil
Part 2- My Black is my brand
Racialized history of plastic surgery
oDiscourse about what plastic surgery means worldwide for beauty
oIs it something that is creating people worldwide that is making people
more similar?
Race in Brazil
oBrazilians may not think in terms of race at all, but rather colours or types,
tipos. While race is an amalgamating concept suitable for official contexts
such as statistical analysis, tipos is an atomizing one often used in
everyday life (123)
oThis is more in use in everyday life
oGovernment statistics
oThe colonial history of brazil led to a national population which lens itself
to this atomizing thinking about race
oThe mixing between Portuguese colonists
oIs this notion of Brazil a land of mixing where race categories work in the
same way in the states?
oIs it false consciousness?
oBoth a myth and things that people actualy do in their lives
Example- Preta Gil
oDaughter of Gilberto Gil
High profile of global discussion of open source and remixing
Popular figure in Brazil and has a worldwide image
oShe’s a singer
Black (colour and people)
Chosen by her father
Preta Marie Gil
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Needed a catholic name
There are some negative connotations of the word Preta
oAs soon as people see me for them I am Misturada (mixed)
oPopular understanding of race in Brazil
oAncestry or appearance?
People of some African ancestry may be described with a sea of
terms that includes white
Within this system appearance counts for more than origin
Examples- discovering an identity as black
oSomeone who wouldn’t identify as black before but then go to the states
and learn about the history about slaves and racial inequality and then
thinking of themselves as black
oA shift in beauty practices
New generation of black activists: reject colour terms and embrace black as racial
oAlong with Black Atlantic popular culture, beauty work connected with
oThis idea of mixing
oBecoming an important part of Brazilian national identity
Reclaiming identity from colonial lineages
oPart of a self representation by the nation which represents itself as
racially mixed
Racial mixing as a problem
Notion of whitening as a strategy
Differs from the one drop rule
Whitening is not a possible strategy
American view
Going along with the various kinds of 19th century racial sciences
that are debunked now
o1930- scholar Gilberto Freyre
Mixing as the essence of Brazil
Especially the mixed female beauty
Racial science was wrong
Published a book- the masters and the slaves
Historical account of Brazil’s sugar plantations
Talks about the founding of Brazil and the essences in its
history that will help us move forward as a modern nation
The interaction and the mixing between people
oBetween men and women of difference race
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