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Lecture 6

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Nicole Myers

lecture 6- soc 244 - oct 11 2011 What Birth has done for doctors (wertz, 1983 ) - before the bacteriological precautions- before those discoveries very little clinical medicine could be described as scientific. many people practiced and had minor surgeries in the barber shop. - they were easily accessible and they were restricted drugs like they are today. - they would be performed at home or they would go to the local barber surgeons. - birth was not fatal - some barber surgeons 0 would insert a type of lever against the babies impacted head to take out the baby out of the kennel - slide 3 - early birth steps were clearly designed - wrapped in leather - and you cannot sterilize leather - having this tool could cause infections- the Chamberlains constructed this. slide 4 - increasing medicalization of birth - let the women take her time in having a child - first specialized chairs, clinical places were in the area in American Medical Schools. -women that gave birth in hospitals were unmarried or single women. - this encouraged middle and upper class women and could afford the fees of a doctor and it became common for a doctor to help a women give birth at home. - slide 5 - list of money to be early a major impetus . - there was a great deal of money being made for male doctors. midwives - upper and middle class became a status for a doctor to come visit during labour and birth. - there was this empathies for invitations of this event as well. - men controlled the field of obstetrics. So child birth became an exclusively medical process - and became to practice at the margins of birthing. main reasons for decline of female midwife - slide 7 - disco
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