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Heather Miller

Re-Cap from January 16 where we left off: Monogenic (Single Locus) Traits discrete Principle of Independent Assortment IV. GENETICS: POLYGENIC TRAITS continuous (Mendelian traits are discrete) additive effect Principle of Segregation (Page 50) of the book. Genotype is the genetic makeup of an individual Phenotype is the physical or detectable trait of a person Dominant and Recessive The dominant trait is expressive when present. They are expressed by CAPITAL LETTERS. Recessive traits are expressed by smaller case letters. Being heterozygote Co – Dominance // where both alleles are expressed and neither one of them is dominant over the other. Sickle cell – page 65 to 67 know this possibly for midterm Fitness and Dominance – Monogenic Traits – they are called this because they are traits that are controlled by alleles from 1 genetic locus. These traits are biological. Discrete - phenotypic expressions do not overlap. Mendelian traits are DISCRETE. Blood Types: A (aa, ao) or B (bb,bo) or O (oo) or AB Remember: Phenotypes are the A,O and B but the GENOTYPES are the smaller case letters. Where there are 3 Alleles: A,B and O. Principle of Independent Assortment (DON’T NEED TO KNOW) What are POLYGENIC TRAITS? – a trait that are governed by a group of nonallelic genes. Figure 3.17 - a chart for discrete blood groups and types – WILL HELP FOR LAB this Friday at 9am . PAGE 57 of the book has a simple chart on monogenic and polygenic traits What is the “Modern Theory of Evolution”? – Refers to Modern Synthesis A. {Modern Synthesis} “Variation in a Population” – this occurs through the production of MUTATION as well as through sexual reproduction. Remember “VA
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