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Heather Miller

Revisit the Scientific Method! Let’s redefine the term “theory” (found on page 15) : a well established and generally accepted explanation that is an accepted hypothesis. II. Looking back on the HISTORY of the EVOLUTIONARY THEORY {Evolution} – includes speciation , Evolution Theory is firmly put in European facts. ** greek philosophers developed ideas about reasoning but the scientific revolution starts to permeate what is later to become the “European world” primarly from the arab/Persian/Islamic revolution. Developments began with the concepts of time and similarity comparison Lyell known as the father of geology invented “ uniforitarianism” and the idea regarding time depth of earth – where the earth is millions of years old and not thousands. Uniformitarianism observed that things of the past and the geological deposits of the past could be explained by processes from the present. Biology is concerned with diversity and change over time as well as looking for explanations. Taxonomy – is the process of looking at the classification and comparisons of organisms. Linneaus among other people came up with some of the greatest classification systems. Taxonomists recognize that species CHANGE over time. Therefore, if there are changes and the evolution of species happening – what is causing it? Lamarck proposes a brand new field of biology at the time, a filed of science dealing with living things directly and with evolutionary change as a central concept. Part 2 – the history of the evolution theory What is the difference between Lamark & Darwin Wallace? Lamark says that evolutionary change is based on the characteristics that an animal has only when it is needed, this is the basis for change and were passed on thru evolution. Acquired characteristics during a lifetime that an animal has can NOT be genetically passed on. Darwin & Wallace – they both say that for evolution to happen – variation MUST occur. {What is the “theory of evolution by Natural Selction” about?} • Darwin & Wallace were able to explain how evolution happened: by Natural Selection Natural Selection: is nothing more than the MECHA
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