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Basic Characteristics of Primates include: a) being generalized – they have primitive and ancestral traits b) Primate Group Tendencies - Grasping hands and grasping feet and eyes, locomotion to be upright, diet. Primate have great dependence on behavior dependency. c) Evolutionary Factors – pg. 120 to 121 // grasping hands and feet plus color and stereoscopic vision. primates needed to eat different things in order to stay up in places like trees d) Diet & Teeth – pg 120 to 124 – most primates have large teeth. Cows on the other hand have flat teeth for grinding. Primates tend to have a simple set of teeth. Primates dental columns and molars differ from others. e) Locomotion and Habitat – primates locomotion is a little different from other animals. Humans are bipedial and Quadra pedal PRINT OUTLINE of PRIMATE GROUPS for TUTORIAL and know this sheet for the EXAM from this SLIDE Know: hominoidea! Chapter 7 – Behavior Question: why are anthropologists interested in Primate Studies? Answer: 1. in large part it is because anthropology uses a comparative approach to evolution. We want to compare things because we don’t have any other members of our own genus left alone – theyre all extinct. So the apes and other primates are as close as we can get. Primates are important to study because it reminds us that humans are important part of our continuum both anatomically and anthropologically. By comparing species we can find the significance of physiological behavioural systems as adaptations to selective pressures. Ex – we can see our cousins in oth
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