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Heather Miller

RECAP: {Early Primate Revolution} A. Eocene means earliest – these date back to 56 - 34/33 mya 1st primates; Prosimian Radiation; 1st Anthropoids come after the prosimians B. Oligocene - 33 - 23 mya Anthropoid Radiation * there are a lot more animals and species that are like the ANTHROPOIDS C. Miocene - 23 - 5 mya 1st Hominoids; Hominoid Radiation • the periods when most paleoanthropologists are most interested in HOMINOIDS – humans, great apes and fossil ancesstors. KNOW PAGE 202 main points! * Hominoids are most closesly related to human apes the old world monkey • they are large • they are so specialized that they are unlikely to be the ancestor of any other Hominoid • no HOMININS are in the MIOCENE era – for now {HOMININ EVOLUTION OVERVIEW} Hominoids include: apes and humans. Hominins are: Hominids are: Mosaic Evolution: little pieces get added in order to make the entire picture Earliest hominins are dated to 5 million years ago What is bipedal locomotion? • this is what classifies a hominin • using two legs for walking • dates to 4 million years ago Term to know: Encephal
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