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Heather Miller

Civilizations 1. Messopotamia 2. Moche 3. Inka Inka Civilization and Empire Located in: the west coast of south America , in the highlands and low lands Dates for : 1450 AD to 1530 AD Remember: state civilizations based on force, don’t last that long Background of the Ink: - very crop based - they use agricultural basis for crops but as well as fishing. Fish were important to their diet - they had maize, corn, beans, cotton, potatoes were from the highlands - lamas and alpackas were used for wool and as pack animals - they use multiple resource areas to sustain, they stored a lot of their food and often move it around. Storage was a good way for them to keep root crops GUAMAN POMA ** in inka and learned the Spanish language – created a book and it got sent to the king of spain Culture and Social - they took over and expanded the earlier Chimore empire - they had a class structure: it was very hierarchical and composed of people that were diferentiatated by dress as well Economic System - trade was very common? - They had an
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