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Sherry Fukuzawa

Anthro lecture Jan 8th Biology and Evolution – Origin myths – all human cultures seem to have a theory of belief surrounding the origins of humans – universal explanations – how humans came into existence – relationship of humans and other species – how humans are the ultimate products of creation – Fixity of Species – species, once create can never change – reflected powerful religious system in Europe – accepted that all living things created by god – Great Chain of Being – 1st proposed by Aristotle in 4th century BC – all animals arranged in a hierarchy that professed from simplest to most complex – humans at top of hierarchy – positioned humans within continuum of other organisms – importance is that it places humans within a continuum with other organisms – arranges from most simple to most complex – Genus and Species – john ray, 17th century – saw that certain plants and animals could be distinguished from other groups by their ability reproduce with one another and produce wirable offspring – placed reproductively isolated groups of individuals in a category called “species” – recognized that some species shared similarities called “genus” – Systema Natura; Linnaeus, 1735 – took principles of john ray and furthered it by two more levels – classified living things into a hierarchy of a taxonomic categories – used binomial nomenclature – standardized rays species and genus and added class and order – creationist – very important because we still used it today – Uniformitarianism: Lyell, 1833 – processes shaping the earth are the same today as they were in the past- uniform and continuous in nature – time scale of the earth is in millions of years – creationist
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