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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sherry Fukuzawa

Anthro lecture Jan 22nd – focus on taxonomy chart in chapter 6 – dark blue line? – prosimians- lemurs, lorisis, tarsiuis Catarrhini (old world monkey, apes, humans) – found in the old world – share 2:1:2:3 dental formula – Superfamily: – cercopithecoidea (OWM) – Africa, south asia – downward nostrils – no prehensile tail – they have tails though – apes do not have tails – quadrupedal, mostly arboreal – ischial callosity (butt pads) (back part of pelvis where your butt is) – good manual dexterity – tail: balance and communication – Hominoidea (apes and humans) – generally larger body size – no tail – shortened trunk – changes ms of shoulder joint – complex behaviour – enhanced cognition – increased infant dependency – dont swing through trees – not branch runners – they swing through trees by their arms – Superfamily: Hominoidea (apes and humans) – 2 FAMILIES: – 1. Hylobatidae (lesser apes) – SE Asian – gibbons and siamangs – smallest of apes – TRUE brachiartors – monogamous – territorial: alarm calls – have long arms – very long fingers that curve around for grip – 2. Hominidae (greater apes and humans) – 3 subfamilies – 1. ponginae (asian great ape) – indonesia – orangutan – large sexual dimorphism – frugivorous (eat fruit) – arboreal, quadrupedal on ground, FIST WALKERS – large solitary? – 2. Gorillinae (gorillas) – central africa – large sexual dimorphism (difference in size between males and females) (males twice in size than females) – silverback- has many wives and they live with them and is responsible for all of them – 1ly terres
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