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Elizabeth Johnson

feb 24 2014 whats the relationship between the australopithecine species? we know: least 2 separate hominin lines between 3-1 mya 2. robust astralopithecines became extinct about 1 mya 3. the Homo genus leading to modern humans appearss around 2.5mya. most researchers think humans evolved from gracile. Kenyanthropus platyops 1.maeve Leakey 2.Kenya 3. contempory of a. afransis 4.small brain case -ape 5. small molars - human 6. large, flat face - ape australopithecus garhi -bouri australoithecus bahre -dentition astra sediba -1.8 mya , berger 2008 austri traits: 1.small brain 2. long arms 3. curved fingers homo traits 1.short fingers 2. human like from waist up the genus homo early homo 2.5 mya -1.6 mya louis eakey -olduvai gorge, Northern tazania homo habilis (handy man) 1.8 mya significance: early tool makers ancestors to modern humans (direct) other plio-pleistocene sites east Africa -omo, southern ethiopia -standard tools general trends of early homo (comp to afri) brain 600-800 cc thin walled-no crust rounded vault weakly projecting ridges variably face proptions KNM ER 1470 1.koobi Fora, richard leakey 1.9 mya 752 cc rounded crainal vault robust face, but giant brain need to know tool technology
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